General Information

The Victorian Government provides free/subsidised travel for all Victorian Country Students residing 4.8km or more from their nearest school of that kind.
There are 3 modes of travel for a Victorian Student:

  • Residing in town, under 4.8km to school –聽Use the Town System
  • Residing in town, further than 4.8km to nearest school –聽Use the Town System
    • Eligible for Conveyance Rebate (Apply through home school)
  • Residing out of Town, further than 4.8km –聽Use the Country Bus System
    • Free Travel for those attending nearest school
    • Fare Paying Travel for those bypassing nearest school (dependent on availability)
    • Applications for traveling on the country bus network should be made through your home school.
      • See application forms below.

鈥淣earest School of that Kind鈥 & Fare Paying

The State Government will fund a bus seat for your country student to their nearest School of that kind

  • State School (Secondary – 榴莲视频色, Rochester, Cohuna, Kyabram, Primary – Welton, Gunbower, Lockington, 榴莲视频色 West, 榴莲视频色 South, 208, 榴莲视频色 East, Nanneella, Rochester, Tongala)
  • Catholic School (St Augustines, Kyabram(p-12), St Josephs, Rochester (Primary), St Josephs, 榴莲视频色 (Secondary), St Mary’s, 榴莲视频色 (Primary), St Mary’s, Cohuna (Primary)
  • Private School (River City Christian College, Moama Grammar)

If you choose to Bypass your nearest school of that kind then you may choose to access the Country Bus System as a Fare Payer, where seats are available. 聽Travel is only guaranteed when a fare payment has been made. In the case of the bus route becoming overcrowded then notice of discontinuation of service is given a term in advance.

Further information can be found in the following links:

Application Forms

Families must use Department-formatted SBP permission to travel application forms. Using the correct forms creates consistency, fairness and ensures families are aware of their obligations under the program. Please use the appropriate application form that corresponds to a student鈥檚 eligibility status:

Town Bus Maps & Timetables

The following maps have been provided through PTV as a guideline of the school bus routes and timetables for 榴莲视频色 / Moama.

  • Chelsworth Park School Service (via Woodlands Cct) – 聽 AM / PM
  • Chelsworth Park School Service – 聽AM / PM
  • 榴莲视频色 East School Service (via 榴莲视频色 College) – 聽AM
  • 榴莲视频色 East School Service – 聽AM / PM
  • 榴莲视频色 South School Service (via 榴莲视频色 West PS) – 聽AM / PM
  • Moama Anglican Grammar School Transfer – 聽AM / PM